In a world of heightened competition and fewer walk-in customers, today’s business owner must consider every angle to attract customers to their door. Being good at your business is one thing, but clients also make judgements based on how your business makes them feel, and the atmosphere of the shop. Some shops feel magical when you walk in, and some feel as cold as a mortuary. Your store front is your opportunity to attract return customers. And the way to do it is to make them excited to walk in the door.

  1. Light: Light is an important feature, and you want to use it to your advantage. If you need a well-lit shop, then spend your money on comfortable high end artificial lighting. Consider programmable LED’s that you can adjust the colour, to set the right mood. But if you can afford a little ambience, you might want to try custom stain glass windows. Which can be made in any pattern you like, even your logo. Stained glass in Sydney can be found through an Internet search. There is no light more sensual and timeless than that which comes through stained glass.
  1. Entryway: Your entry should present a welcoming experience. Especially in these days of antibacterial lotions and temperature checks. You want to show customers that you are a safe and friendly place and there are real people inside that will love to meet you. 
  1. Plants: Plants are natural, plants are life; they soften a room and help people to relax, and they’re also beautiful and pleasing to the eye. Spending some money on a few lovely specimens, and taking care of them, will go a long way to creating a safe atmosphere for your clients to relax in. If people must wait to be served, they would rather do it in room full of living things. Cut flowers are another way to bring some soft beauty into a space, and a fragrance as well. 
  1. Use Your Space Well: Be creative with your use of space, create an environment that is to be discovered. Make comfortable areas and use art as much as possible to entertain the mind and give your people something to contemplate.

These recent lockdowns have done great damage to businesses that do business in person. If you depend on meeting people face to face in a store front situation, you need to be more welcoming than ever before. It is up to you to create an experience that is positive, to help overcome the current culture of fear.

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