Even a decade ago, were you to ask a homeowner what uses they have for their garden shed, the most frequent and perhaps only answer would have been storage. However, in recent years, motivated by a number of social, financial, and generational changes, garden sheds are beginning to undergo change.

One of the main reasons that garden sheds have begun to see significant changes comes down to garden value. In recent years, garden spaces have become increasingly sought after with homeowners and property buyers considering them an essential part of their living space needs. This has not only made them much more appealing as assets on the housing market but has also made those investing in such spaces seek to obtain the greatest value they can from their investment.

To show you how garden sheds are changing now that they are in the spotlight, we’re sharing seven of the most creative and wonderful ideas for your own storage reinvention.

Dining Room

Outdoor dining is a wonderful way to enjoy a meal. However, it is an option generally limited to periods of warm and dry weather. This is why some homeowners have begun creating covered dining spaces within their sheds, opening the interior space up to the garden and adding dining furniture so as to enjoy meals outdoors. 

Chicken Coop 

While the idea of keeping livestock at home, especially in an urban area, might seem unusual, a growing number of homeowners are choosing to get in touch with their crofting roots and give it a go. In addition to the potential produce chickens and other animals can create, residents are able to ensure that their animal friends are kept well and safe, even using them to improve the fertility of their garden soil too! 

Professional Office 

Another reason that garden shed conversions and outbuildings, such as log cabins, have become popular is because of the growing need for home office spaces as remote working positions become more ubiquitous. Establishing an office outdoors is a great way to embrace teleworking while keeping professional lives separate from personal ones.

Workout Room 

Instead of keeping bulky exercise equipment inside the home, many are choosing to both store it outdoors in their shed while simultaneously utilising the outbuilding as a private gym. With a little reinforcement, ventilation, and space, even a modest shed can become a great way to save on gym membership fees. 

Carbon Footprint Reducer 

Garden sheds can be passive sources of energy and environmental beacons to your neighbourhood. Drainage and water collection systems can very easily be installed, as can compact solar panels for charging e-bikes and even batteries for use in the home.

Wellness Spaces 

Whether you want a cosy nook to restore your sense of balance or a space that utilises the beauty of the garden to support a yoga routine, sheds can quickly be transformed from their unassuming aesthetic into an open and beguiling space.

Children’s Play Area 

Encouraging children to be outdoors can be difficult with the array of gadgets and devices now available. However, if they are given access to a play area, one dedicated entirely to them and full of exciting toys, you might find them more easily persuaded into the garden.