Simply because professional positions are moving from central office spaces and into the home does not mean that the pursuit of productivity ceases. In fact, new office environments, like those many are seeking to establish inside their own homes, create a number of challenges. As the number of employees in teleworking positions rises, there is still no clear understanding as to whether productivity is overall improved or worsened when individuals work remotely.

What has become already clear, however, are the ways in which productivity can be improved at home. Some of the influencing factors are similar to those historically celebrated in central and shared office spaces. Others are entirely new to the home.

Control Sound

Unlike central offices, which are generally environments filled with the sound of work, home environments are more susceptible to distracting noises. These can be from outside the home, especially in properties in busier areas, as well as from within. Insulating and soundproofing an office space is one solution but a simple pair of noise-cancelling headphones can be much easier.

Let In Light

Natural light is a fantastic source of energy and studies have shown that individuals are more productive when they have access to natural light when compared with artificial alternatives. Be sure to create your office space in a bright area, even those closer to the outdoors, such as conservatories or log cabins.

Office Equipment

Cutting corners when it comes to office equipment will lead to a loss of productivity. Consider the money saved in transportation and commuting then redirect that to purchase filing cabinets and printers, as well as any asset that will help to make your professional working space as useful as possible.

Close The Door

Working in shared spaces is difficult and those living with others can find remote working particularly hard. It is important that your chosen working space is inside a room that can be isolated from the disturbance of others, even if only through a door.

Get Comfortable

Unlike a shared office space, you have control over your furniture. Choosing a comfortable and ergonomic seating arrangement will help to improve your physical health and your endurance for working, making it a worthy investment.

Spruce It Up

Another way in which remote working empowers the employee is through office design. Plants and prints are at your disposal, helping to make your chosen environment a fun one to spend time in. It’s also important to consider such a design for video conferencing too.

Improve Storage

Tidiness isn’t always easy at home because residents aren’t obliged to maintain the same level of cleanliness as they are in a professional office environment. Being clean and tidy, however, is a positive influence on productivity and teleworkers should be sure to keep on top of their storage and tidiness accordingly.

Add Houseplants

While the science behind house plants purifying air is a little weak, they have been shown to make people happier. This is why biophilic design is so popular. Filling your working space with wonderful plants and luscious greenery is a fantastic way to keep energy levels high throughout the day.