As a homeowner, one of life’s purest pleasures is to have some friends over for some barbecue and enjoy the fresh air in the garden. If you prefer to entertain outdoors, you are probably already talented with a barbeque and have a few unique recipes that delight your friends – but imagine what you could do if you had a full kitchen. Outdoor BBQ kitchens are a thing, and if you have all the right tools and the optimum setup, the sky is the limit to what you can achieve.

  • Main Pieces: An outdoor kitchen has most of the same needs as an indoor kitchen but focuses on less formal foods. The grill is the main event. But there is no reason why you can’t have it all. Outdoor kitchens also are best if there is a serving and prep area. A good design for an outdoor kitchen is to have everything under one roof, with good ventilation and access to the eating area outside. It would help if you had a sink, a big grill, a microwave, a gas stove, a full-sized fridge, and storage for condiments, buns, the outdoor dishes, cutlery, cups, and glasses.
  • Layout: Ideally, the grill person should have easy access to time-sensitive items, so the stove should be nearby. It is best to set up your grill so the chef can see the guests without turning around, that way they feel like involved with the party. Smoke is one way to ruin your fun but these days there are BBQ rangehoods available to take that worry away. If possible, a prep island with a built-in sink behind the grill is the most convenient arrangement. To one side of the grill, there should be a serving counter that will be easy for people to come and get their dishes filled with hot items from the grill. And on the other side, you might want to have an oven.
  • Extra Features: If you want to take things to the next level, you might consider adding a wood-fired pizza oven, A keg tap, and cooler, a sound system, dishwasher, and a commercial deep fryer for French fries.

What better way could there be to enjoy your friends and family, and at the same time pursue your passion for food? If you search for outdoor kitchens on the Internet, you will be amazed at how beautiful the perfect setups can be. Put all of this together, and you are sure to be a legend.

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