There are a number of good reasons why people prefer to use the options of using heat pumps in order to maintain the temperature of the room at comfortable level. It can be used both during summer and winter.

Besides that, these heat pumps are quite energy efficient as compared to any conventional type of heating or cooling systems available in the market. Therefore, your utility bill will reduce significantly by using such heat pumps.

However, to get best out of this heat pump system, proper maintenance and care is necessary. In case, during extreme cold season if it fails then heat pump service and repair in Oregon is available.

Following are few common problems that occur in the heat pump system:

  • Sudden heat loss 

If you suddenly observe that you are finding sudden loss of heat in your room then most probably it is either due to wrong setting of thermostat or defective thermostat.

Next possibility is your circuit breaker must have got tripped.

  • Not enough heat

Often you may observe that your room is not getting enough heat as needed during the season. This can happen if the filter used in the heat pump is choked due to dust or any other particle.

You must regularly maintain cleanliness of the filter or replace them if necessary.

  • Blowing cold air

Often you will find that instead of hot air, your heat pump may be supplying cold air. This again can be due to thermostat setting or also the air handler may be giving you problem.

Try to check the problem and if you cannot fix it then you must call service personal to check and repair it.

  • Incorrect cycling

Often your heat pump may turn on and off intermittently and because of that sufficient heat is not getting generated.

Here to your thermostat can be the culprit as its setting must have got disturbed. Try to adjust it to proper setting to resolve the problem.

  • Outdoor unit may be iced over

The airflow can be severely restricted if the outdoor condensing unit gets iced up. If the ice is light then it will go away soon however if there is heavy ice then it can be a problem.

You may run it in the defrost cycle mode so that all the ice will melt.

  • Heat pump constantly running

If this condition happens then check the following:

  • Check if there is leakage in the room from where cold air is entering
  • Check the insulation of the doors and windows

You may prefer to install double paned storm windows to prevent such leakage.

  • Making odd noises

Due to any loose hardware often you may hear rattling sound from the heat pump. So, make sure that all the screws of the heat pump are properly tightened.

Turn off the heat pump immediately in case you constantly hear grinding/squealing sounds. Then call any HVAC technicians as such sounds may be due to more serious problem, like worn-out motor bearings etc.

Hvac repair Services should provide you with a comprehensive quote prior to starting work and should thoroughly explain your heating, cooling, and ventilation needs. They should discuss your heating and air conditioning needs and give you a written estimate before quickly completing your new HVAC install.