It is every Australian homeowner’s dream to one day have a pool in their garden and if you are one of the fortunate people who is planning to build a pool, fencing is an obvious requirement. If you have chosen glass, you would in the majority, as most homeowners see the many benefits of glass pool fencing, as opposed to any other material.

Toughened Safety Glass

The standard size would be 10 or 12mm thick glass panels that are virtually unbreakable, and when looking at pool fencing prices in Adelaide, comparing suppliers is very easy using the Internet. The glass panels can be secured in a number of ways, they can be channeled into the tiled floor, or you can have special spigots fitted that the panels are then attached to.

Frameless Glass Fencing

Perhaps the most popular, due to the seamless look, frameless glass pool fencing does not detract from the aesthetics of the property, and if you would rather not disturb the tiled floor, special spigots can be fitted that the glass panels slot into and they hold up to 129kg in weight. The spigots come in a satin or mirrored finish, depending on your preference, and the fencing is tailored to fit the pool area.

Semi-Framed Glass Pool Fencing

Of course, you might prefer to have posts in between the glass panels, and with special 10mm toughened safety glass panels that slid into premade channels, the panels are secure. The aluminium posts come in many powder-coated colours, so you can match with the surroundings, with neoprene rubber seals that stop the panels from moving. In the event posts need to be piled into lawn, a concrete base is added, providing a secure fixing, and as everything is tailor made, you can be sure of a perfect fit.

Fixing to the Building

In some cases, a portion of the pool fencing will need to be fixed to the home, and the installation team have a wealth of experience and know-how that enables them to overcome any obstacle. There are special brackets with rubber sleeves that will ensure the glass panels do not move, and if panels need to be cut to a specific size, they have all the equipment onsite.

Online Solutions

If you would like a quote for glass pool fencing, search online for a local pool fencing specialist who would be happy to pay you a home visit to discuss pool fencing options. Once you have chosen a design and the accessories, the technician can quote you for the project, and with a 3-year unconditional warranty, you can be sure of a first-rate installation.

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