A significant number of homeowners, especially housewives, are having a hard time dealing with clutter and junk daily. Too much clutter can cause a lot of anxiety, and it is also considered as a significant eyesore, especially if you often have visitors coming over. It is a good thing if you have made numerous attempts to clear your space. Decluttering and going green can offer a lot of benefits in your life. That is why you should look for help from Evergreen Junk Company experts to help you out. Here are some helpful tips.

Try to eliminate the use of plastic and paper bags

Whenever you go out to shop or buy your weekly groceries, it would be best if you can bring with you a couple of reusable cloth shopping bags. A lot of shoppers are accustomed to using plastic bags for their purchases. These become added waste that hurts the environment in the long run.

Invest in a water purifier

Buying bottled drinking water for you and the entire family is not a practical choice. Plus, the empty plastic bottles are waste materials unless you are willing to recycle all of them. Why not invest in a water purifier that you can use for five to ten years. Plus, it gives you the convenience of drinking clean water at any time of the day.

Use cloth diapers for your baby

Most parents prefer using disposable diapers for their babies because they are convenient and easy to throw away. But if you look at the big picture, using disposable diapers will only add to the number of waste materials that your household produces each day. You can try to shift to cloth diapers because they are economical and environmentally friendly.

Let go of old furniture

Sometimes you might still want to keep an old couch, a table, or a mattress and intend to recycle it. First, be reminded that recycling or reusing old mattresses is a big no-no because it harbors a lot of germs, bacteria, and even bed mites. Secondly, if you have not touched your old and rickety furniture for several years, you should dispose of it and buy new items.

Stop buying magazines

Magazines are a great source of entertainment, especially when you like to keep up with the latest trends. The problem is that they become part of your household clutter once they start piling up. Instead of buying hard copies, you can opt to apply for an online subscription, which is more affordable and environmentally friendly. It would be best if you also reduced paper bills by telling your utility providers that you are willing to receive an e-bill instead. By going paperless, you are doing the environment a huge favor by saving a lot of trees from being cut down.

Lastly, if you are serious about reducing waste materials inside your home, you should also control your shopping impulses. The more items that you buy, the more waste you accumulate.

Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/6_7FDn6KaqQ