Fire doors are an important part of many different types of buildings, and if you are the person responsible for the installation and maintenance of fire doors in a building, there will be decisions made as to which type of fire doors you should purchase and install. Choosing the right type of hardware for a fire door is crucial, as there are many different things to consider when discussing fire safety. It depends on the type of building the fire door is being installed within, the amount of footfall, and other factors.

Choosing whether to have pads, push bars, or some form of turning device is an important decision when choosing fire door hardware. If a fire door is to open outwards, the people using it to leave a building during an emergency event, such as a fire, need to be able to quickly and safely ascertain what they need to do to get out of the building as efficiently as possible. The correct hardware to assist in this can be difficult to choose, unless you have the assistance of professional guidance.

All fire doors that are installed on escape routes should ideally open in the direction of escape. This is even more important if the door is to serve over 60 people trying to escape a building, or it is an area that has a particularly high fire risk. The security hardware options for a fire door should always be considered, and this will of course differ dependent on the type of building and the contents of that building, but the correct choice has to be made. Panic bars are often used as a safe option in this instance, offering protection in terms of security, and safety and ease of use in light of a quick and efficient escape route for a large number of people.

There are also regulatory rules to follow in terms of the components that make up a fire door. You should understand the different fire door components, such as locks, latches, knobs, hinges, door closers, and the seal of a fire door, to ensure that everything is in working order.

Choose a fire door supplier with a fine tradition and reputation of high quality. Fire safety should never be taken lightly, and it is vital that you choose the correct hardware for a fire door to ensure it all works correctly, can be maintained easily, and that it is easy for anyone using the fire doors in an emergency to understand what to do, and which direction they have to go in. Efficiency in an emergency situation is crucial in saving lives, and with the incorrect fire door hardware and poor fire safety protocols, you will put lives in danger. A good fire door supplier will understand how to advise on the perfect fire door for your specific buildings and needs.