Unlike washing machines in the past years, washers today have a variety of options and features that can help save energy as well as time in the laundry room. But, the many options available can make the buying process a bit overwhelming. That is why you want to consider some tips from those who have been there to ease the process for you. When buying a functional and useful washing machine, especially one from Whirlpool, it is important to think about the following tips:

Choose a Washer with More Capacity

This is important if you are doing multiple wash loads at a time. The ability to fit more clothes, towels, and other items in a bigger basin can minimise the total number of wash loads while saving on energy costs. If you opt for a bigger capacity basin, you also need to purchase a dryer that can handle the bigger loads.

Prioritize Fast Speeds

High spin speeds eliminate moisture from wash loads using less energy than heat-based drying. New washers come with spin speeds that reach 1, 200 to 1, 400 RPMs. In addition to saving energy, it can reduce drying times by 50% or more, depending on the fabrics’ weight in the load.

Consider Steam Cycle Utility

New front-end loading washing machines are great for removing stains. However, a steam option can be a viable choice if you tend to have wash loads that are always populated with stubborn or heavy grease and oil stains.

Choose a Machine with a Soil Sensor

Soil sensors measure the amount of light that passes through the water in the washbasin. This is meant to identify the amount of soil in the wash load. These sensors relay such information to the control panel, which adjusts cycle settings to match the required strength and duration required, ensuring the desired results are delivered.

Consider a Load Sensing Feature

This washing machine feature works by measuring the amount of dry clothes and other items in the wash load and adjusting the water levels accordingly. Modern washers are quite water-efficient and such a feature boosts this efficiency even more.

Look for Extra Features that Will Add Value

A lot of modern washing machines are equipped with automatic temperature controls, as well as automatic dispensers for bleach, detergents, and softeners. The added benefit of automatic dispensers is that they can be loaded for several wash cycles. Therefore, they alleviate the need to fill many dispensers before every wash load.