There is one common complaint that all property owners have and it is that there just isn’t enough space. When they bought the property many years ago, it was their intention to have only one child but that didn’t happen and two more came along. The kids are now saying that they don’t have their own bedroom and they have grown tired of sharing with their brother or sister. It is your job as the adult to find a solution for this before they drive you crazy.

The answer lies directly above your head and a lot of homeowners have realised this as well. You need to start looking into loft conversions in Bath because this is a space that is being under utilised and it’s time that you started using it for something more practical. The following are just two ways that you can create more space in and around your home.

  • Do a loft conversion – The loft is traditionally where you keep the Christmas tree and any old boxes of clothes that you know you’re never going to wear again. This is a space that can be easily turned into an extra bedroom and if you fit a sky light then the kids will be fighting over this new room.
  • Convert that garage – Your garage is a granny flat in waiting and because you don’t park your car in there anymore and it is now used as a laundry, it makes perfect sense to turn it into an extra room for your unhappy teenager.

You don’t have to move home when you need more space and you would be surprised at the amount of space currently in your home that you are not properly utilizing.

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