Your bathroom is one of the most functional parts of your house. Many older homes still have huge bathtubs, which were added with the intention of having a corner for pampering and relaxation. However, contemporary homeowners have their reservations when it comes to bathtubs. This is primarily because bathtubs are rarely used in homes. Well, all of us now prefer going to the club or a spa to indulge in a good soaking experience. In other words, the bathtub in your home is now obsolete. Most interior experts recommend tub to shower conversion for new homes, and in this post, we are reviewing if that could be a wise idea for your home.

Advantages of removing bathtub

The first obvious reason to opt for a shower conversion instead of a bathtub is to maximize space. Let’s face it – Modern homes are smaller than ever, and you can literally find no extra space for additional renovation. Walk-in shower rooms are not just efficient in terms of space usage, but are also more likely to be used on a regular basis. Another advantage is utility. If you have elders, kids at home, they are more likely to use the shower rather than the bathtub. You can add a bench to the shower room, so that the area becomes more useful for those who must care more about preventing accidents. Also, maintenance of shower rooms is a lot easier than bathtubs. Bathtubs have to be cleaned frequently, or else mold growth and bacteria can lead to other issues.

Lastly, let’s not forget that bathtubs require a lot more water to be used on a regular basis. Shower rooms are much more efficient in that context, and at a time, when water crisis is a global problem, you have to take that extra step to save water.

Budgeting tub to shower conversion

Creating a budget for your project is the first step towards converting your bathtub area into a shower room. We strongly recommend that you look around and find a service that you can rely on, both for interior advice and installation work. You can choose to go all out and find a comprehensive shower unit that blends luxury and function, or can select a basic design – It all depends on your budget.

It is a wise idea to ask for an estimate in advance, so that you can think of financing options accordingly.