Thanks to smart devices, home entertainment has transformed entirely in the last five years. From Smart TVs to advanced audio equipment, there are numerous ways to enjoy the best shows, games, and movies at home. If you are thinking of product and TV upgrades to make in your home, we have a guide below on what you really need.

Get a smart TV (if you don’t have one already)

Thanks to smart TVs, you don’t need additional equipment to connect to the internet or stream movies. You can enjoy streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime better on smart TVs, and the entire setup can be customized for your need. Gone are times when cable was the only source of entertainment. Today, you can actually manage with streaming services alone, or simply get a dongle for accessing the channels you like.

Don’t miss on picture resolution and viewing experience

Coming to smart TVs, most homeowners often forget the need for a big screen and better resolution. At the very least, go for a 4K television, and while the screen size is a matter of personal choice and available space, 36” is the basic you need to get. Most 4K TVs are actually more than adequate for home viewing, especially if you don’t want a super-huge screen.

Audio equipment & home theatre will matter

The best smart TV is just not enough for all-round entertainment. You need to get a home theatre system or invest in the right kind of audio-equipment, to get that full-surround experience. If you are not sure of what home theatre system you should buy, contact a company that specializes in home automation systems and smart devices, and they can guide on the basics.

Consider smart home technology

You can integrate your new smart TV with advanced smart home technology. For example, you have a single remote that will dim the lights, as soon as you switch on the TV at night. It is much easier to control various smart devices with a comprehensive interface, and if you hire professionals, they can connect most products on a single app or remote.

Call the experts

With advancements in smart home technology, entertainment has only become bigger and better for home viewers. If you are someone who doesn’t like to go the theatre every week,  this kind of smart home automation for entertainment is the best investment you can make.