Self-propelled spreaders are relatively new kind of products available in the market. In the maintenance industry, you can also find self-propelled spreader as well as sprayer.

There are few potting soil spreaders available in the market which is called as epandeur de terreau in the Canada, which provides the facility for operators to either stand or sit inside the machine. Generally, in other spreaders, operator has to walk behind.

Advantages of self-propelled spreaders

Following are few advantages of using any self-propelled applicator:

  • Needs less operator effort as it is quite easy to walk behind any self-propelled applicator as compared to pushing a spreader.
  • Since self-propelled applicators will not depend on pushing of operator hence, they can also operate faster and cover more areas per day.
  • You may need to employ lesser number of workers.

Limitations of self-propelled spreaders

  • Cost of self-propelled spreader can be much higher as compared to non-power walk-behind type of spreader.
  • Another problem is that it limits on maneuverability. Self-propelled machines usually are bigger than any non-power spreaders.
  • Any non-powered spreader can easily be transported through truck while self-propelled spreader may need hauling on truck/trailer like riding mower and can cause more damage to turf.
  • Self-propelled machine may not be used effectively on wet soil where you will have to use non-powered machine without damaging turf.
  • Speed need to be maintained at constant rate with self-propelled machine, and also rate of application can vary.
  • Also, maintenance of self-propelled machine can be more expensive as well as time consuming as compared to maintaining any non-powered walk-behind spreader.

Spreader/sprayer accessories

When spreader/sprayer unit which mounts onto any zero-turning-radius mower then it can be less expensive, however avoid mowing and applying the product simultaneously.

In certain rare cases, the mower width will be same as effective swath width of any particular granular product. With boom sprayer too, spraying and mowing are not recommended as operating patterns are quite different.

Any self-propelled spreader can potentially reduce your effort needed to apply pesticide or fertilizer to your lawns, but it will come at substantial cost and may require little trade-offs in its operating mode.

If you have self-propelled machine then it will be necessary to hire application personnel and it will be certainly worth the cost.

Please note that zero-turning-radius mentioned in this article does not refer to certain special product but used for explanation purpose only. Spreaders are often used on commercial basis and rarely used for homes.