The summer months can feel endless if you are stuck in a hot house. Rather than suffer through it, why not look at ways to cool your home? There’s a lot you can do on a budget and you’ll enjoy your home so much more if the temperature is comfortable.

Have your air con serviced

Simply having an air conditioning unit installed isn’t enough. It’s important to have it regularly checked and serviced to ensure it’s running at its best. Look for companies who deal with air conditioning Central Coast and who offer maintenance services. If your air con unit is particularly old or inefficient, then you might want to consider a replacement, as you’ll save money on your energy bills in the long term.

Keep rooms shady

Direct sunlight is one of the easiest ways to warm your home, so consider installing blinds and keeping them shut when the sun hits your home, especially in the morning. Shutters can also be good for keeping out the sun and can also keep your home’s interior cool, saving you money.

Cool individual rooms

Instead of spending a fortune cooling the whole house with air con, at night, focus on cooling individual rooms that you use a lot, such as your living or bedroom.

You can do this by:

  • Closing the doors and curtains
  • Running a fan with a bowl of ice in front of it
  • Using pure cotton bedding
  • Turning off as many appliances as possible
  • Using a humidifier to cool the air

Not being able to sleep is a common complaint during the hottest months, so by cooling your bedroom at night, you can create a haven to get away from the heat. During the day, try to use one room for work or studying, so you aren’t walking through the house, opening doors and letting the heat in.

Let a breeze through the house

The best way to let a breeze through the house, without bringing in hot air, is to open the tops of all your windows. This lets the air circulate, which means your home gets naturally cooler. Of course, when it’s very hot and you’re using air con, windows will need to be closed, otherwise you’re fighting against the outside heat.

The summer months bring a lot of fun things, but having a hot, humid house can make life difficult. Follow the tips above can help you stay cool and enjoy the summer, even if it brings a heatwave.

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