If you have been thinking of home renovation, you probably many functional goals in mind. Extra space, more storage, modular kitchen, dual-purpose furniture, new flooring – Objectives for home renovation can vary for each home. Have you given a thought to baseboard molding? Baseboards, much like crown moldings, were a staple in older homes. Contemporary homeowners often think of the idea as old and boring, but used effectively, baseboard molding can be a wise idea for your new interiors. In this post, we are discussing more on baseboards for modern homes, and things homeowners must know.

Reviewing the benefits

Contrary to what some of us believe, crown and baseboard molding were not initially conceptualized for decorative purposes alone. These were incredible ways to bring different building materials together and also hide the possible issues related to seals and joints. In fact, joints don’t necessarily look aesthetic, and with baseboard molding, you can actually enhance the look of your floor. The lower part of the floor is often prone to straining and spills, and you can protect the wallpaper with baseboard molding. As the house gets older, all signs of settling and shifting can be concealed aptly too.

Selecting baseboard molding

Much like crown moldings and interior columns, baseboard molding has to work with the rest of the interior and décor, and it makes sense that you look for options that are in sync with your theme. A wise idea is to contact an interior expert and take their inputs on the design, because you would want to know how much baseboard molding is going to add to the budget. The design will be decided based on other furnishings. You can go for moldings that are exclusively in contrast to the floor to create that extra drama in a room, or it could be a completely aesthetic and matched affair. Flat baseboards have been trending for the longest time, and there are numerous choices that can be considered in that category too.

Ideas for every home

If you are using baseboard molding and want to use crown molding too, it is necessary to match both. Also, for the best deals, designs and options, online stores are your best bet by all means. You need to review what a particular design would add to the theme. Keep in mind that crown and baseboard moldings are extras in contemporary homes, so your furnishings need to be very, very basic and simple. You don’t want a chaotic look for the walls, and therefore, the width and design of moldings have to be considered carefully. The budget obviously depends on the size of your home and the design you choose, but it is possible to create a layout that fits your expected amount.

Final word

The idea behind baseboard molding is to conceal the joints and make the wall and floor more appealing. You don’t have to spend a fortune for that, and the good news is many contemporary homes have basic designs that don’t feel boring or dated.