Over the years, pairs of shoes have tended to accumulate. And the least we can say is that they occupy space. Fortunately, it is possible to store them simply and optimally, without breaking the bank. Do you dry? Discover our practical and functional storage solutions.

Clip hangers

Boots are the shoes that take up the most space. But that was before discovering the following trick. The idea? Equip yourself with hangers with sliding clips and hang your pairs of boots. As a bonus, they will remain straight and will not be damaged any more. Note: otherwise, opt for pool tubes. As an alternative to hangers, pool tubes cut to the right length will also prevent your boots from s sag. An idea to dig if you do not have a bar where to hang them. For small apartment decor ideas this is important.

A hanging shoe organizer

Designed in plastic or fabric, hanging shoe organizers can be hung anywhere, including behind a door. Space saving guaranteed.The must? Their transparency allows you to identify at a glance the pair you are looking for.

A fabric shoe rack

Tired of seeing your shoes get dusty? Hermetic, the special shoe fabric shelf will solve the problem. In addition, it will not cut too much space thanks to its shallow depth (a little thirty centimeters).

A metal grid

It’s an unstoppable tip for storing your high heel shoes. You only have to tilt the grid against a wall, then arrange each pair as you wish. It is simple, efficient and design.

Cornice moldings

Do you (also) have shoes with small heels? Divert cornice moldings that you will attach to the wall or against a door, to offer them nice supports.

Plastic pipes

It is perfect for storing your flat shoes. You just need to cut sections of 20 to 25 cm using a saw, then fix them to the wall. Rather original, right?

Coat hooks

Who said that the hooks were only intended to support clothes? Fixed close to the ground in your entrance, they will impeccably welcome your shoes.

A library

A simple library will allow you to display your shoes in style, while offering you a nice storage space.

Telescopic shower bars

To mount in two steps three movements and without drilling, the telescopic shower bars are another good idea for storing your shoes with heels.

A double ladder

Do you have a nice wooden double ladder? Add boards on the steps: it will transform into an open shoe rack with the most beautiful effect. Like what, no need to complicate your life or invest in expensive furniture to organize your shoes perfectly. Which of these tips will you favor?