Mostly as a consumer, you need to have complete information before making that purchasing decision. If you are logical enough, you will not look at superficial features only but need more specifics. quartz & granite countertops are some of the most common materials. Here is what you need to know before making the choice of buying a quartz or granite countertops.


The materials for countertops are both stones. However, granite is mined in a pure natural form from quarries. It is from here that it is then rescaled and fitted to a given size. On the other hand, quartz is fabricated by adding polymers and resins with added pigmentation to the stone. This is done through engineering expertise as opposed to the force of nature.


It has often been a misconception that superficial features do not matter but they actually do. You need your countertop to have a beautiful finish. Granite takes the hue from the nature of the mine. This can be blue, green or rose earth tones. All granite countertops are different due to the differences in their mining. However, quartz resins can be customized since they are added during their manufacturing.


Countertops have to bear heavy loads. Granite as a stone bears heavy loads easily and is resistant to corrosion when it is resealed frequently. However, quartz is the definition of indestructible. It is hard, virtually resistant to extreme heat and pressure and bound to provide long service. It can withstand hot and heavy pots, burning equipment whiles supporting the weight of structures put on top.

Cost of Granite and Quartz

The cost rangers of these two materials overlap each other. Quartz costs $80 -$140 per square foot. Although granite starts at the same range, it may extend up to $175 per square foot. Therefore, granite is slightly more costly compared to quartz mostly due to the mining costs that it incurs. The costs of quartz, however, can increase when the desired pattern of resins and coloration is considered.

Environmental Protection

Granite is mined which means that it leaves a wake of destruction in its place. However, mines can be reclaimed and rehabilitated. It also uses a lot of energy to extract and transport the material. Quartz, on the other hand, is made in a factory and raw materials are easier to extract and fabricate. It is also located near consumers which reduces the costs of travel.