We’ve always used glass in the construction of buildings, yet in the past few decades, glass has become an integral aspect of modern residential building design in so many ways. Glass has some amazing properties; it is strong, very durable, transparent and requires little maintenance and with that in mind, here are some of the ways that you can enhance your home using state-of-the-art glass.

  • Colours and Tints – Coloured glass can be added in any environment, especially with shower screens and even windows. Smoky tints are perfect for the futuristic home and a Google image search will give you some fine examples.
  • Stained Glass – You may have seen the stunning leadlight in Sydney homes and there are amazing designs that add character and colour to your interior. This is perfect for period rural properties and with an online search, you can find a specialist glazier who works with stained glass.
  • Pool Fencing – Glass is perfect for pool fencing, as you can see through it into the pool enclosure and with a frameless design, nothing is lost in home aesthetics. Of course, pool fencing must be compliant with the Australian Swimming Pool Act and when you are ready, search online for a pool certification company and book an inspection.
  • Splashbacks – Glass is the obvious choice for the bathroom and kitchen and there are stunning designs to choose from. Hygiene is essential in wet rooms and glass can provide easy to clean surfaces that are visually appealing and very functional.
  • Glass Tables – Chic and attractive, a glass tabletop with chrome frame makes for a perfect table and with professional beveling, there are no sharp edges.
  • Conservatories – Glass extensions are perfect for a natural and relaxing ambience and with state-of-the-art toughened safety glass, you can create an energy-efficient room that is ideal for plants and fauna. Rattan furniture and uPVC frames really do make the space warm and inviting, perfect for early mornings and late evenings. You can watch the stars at night under a special glass roof that offers great thermal insulation and this will become the favourite room for all the family.

If you are thinking of building an extension, glass is the ideal material and there are specialist glaziers who can work wonders with stunning designs. Glass does not rust, fade or erode in any way, plus it is very easy to keep clean and you might be surprised at the many ways glass can be added to your property.